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Dec 8, 2013 9:00pm EST
bar not far from my house and the new york city fire department and so i heard that -- i heard a little bit about that but i haven't gone back and listened to it around the mixed race marriage and -- >> host: it's like really we are going to talk about this for how long? >> guest: that was fun because remember these guys know i'm not one of them. i make it clear. i'm not going to try to pretend -- >> host: are they self-conscious about racism or not even? >> guest: that's the thing. it is utterly self-conscious. there is no -- there's the occasional, but there's never a sense of sexism because they are also proclaiming the shell bachmann or sarah palen. >> host: isn't it also because the rage is channeled through a person like an ex-wife -- >> guest: . >> host: but not necessarily. you have personal experience. >> guest: in our culture i actually think that it is far more permissible than racism. but we give you a good example about how to think about that. if you remember during the primary season of 2008 when clinton was running against obama in the democratic non-asian and the
Dec 8, 2013 9:30pm EST
cases like this -- >> guest: how did the city deal with this absolutely horrific response by the coach? they'd be higher to him. so we are not talking about steubenville now we are talking about the entire town rallied behind the coach that runs interference for the players. this football player was right. he was entitled and everything worked out as he expected it would. so my feeling is that is what i want to interact. >> host: i understand that. it's a different point than the rest of the book because those jocks can also enter the entitlement. that is a phenomenon where in other places those could be rick at the gun show. but it's like old-fashioned -- >> guest: that is really interesting because the athletes, the homecoming kings, they also feel that they have entitlement. they would tell me we are walking around with targets on our back. everyone is looking to get us. we are the poor victims here. >> host: everyone wants to be a victim. like the relationship between the shooters and the jocks that you described, that could have taken place in many decades. it's like the entitleme
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2